OneStep® Glucose Urine “Dipstick” Style Test Strips (100 Pack)


A sealed container of 100 glucose test sticks. Useful for testing whether your urine has glucose in it, and if it does, then that indicates possible diabetes.

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Glucose is the type of sugar found in the blood. Normally, there should be very little or no glucose in the urine. When the blood sugar level is very high, as is the case with uncontrolled diabetes, the sugar spills over into the urine. Glucose can also be found in urine when the kidneys are damaged or diseased.  Concentrations 0f 100mg/dL may be considered as abnormal if found consistently in your urine when testing with urine test strips.

Why should I consider this test?

Approximately 50% of people with diabetes don’t know they have it. Unhealthy diets, obesity and lack of exercise are the main causes of diabetes. If you have diabetes and are diagnosed early, you can be treated before illness develops. Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease and stroke and the main cause of kidney failure, limb amputations, and blindness in adults. Most cases of diabetes can be treated with just dietary measures and oral medication. Early diagnosis is critical.


  • 100 strips per container
  • Detects glucose levels from 0 mmol/L to 111mmol/L
  • Includes colour chart for comparison of results


  • Glucose oxidase 430U, Peroxidase 200U, Potassium Iodide 12mg

Directions for use:

  1. Dip the test strip into your urine sample for no more than 2 seconds.
  2. Remove the test strip and draw it along the edge of the sample container to remove any excess urine (make sure not to allow the reagent pad to touch the container edge).
  3. Turn the strip on its side and gently tap off any remaining urine. Then lay it flat.
  4. Wait 60 seconds and then compare the reagent pad colour with the colour chart on the side of the glucose container bottle.

More details instructions can be found here.

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