Motion Sand® Moldable Space Sand w 6 Molds & Tools (1200g Kit)


  • Great fun for kids!
  • Sand doesn’t dry out.
  • Two different sets available.
  • Non toxic & wheat, gluten & casein free.

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Keep the kids busy with moldable sand (aka magic sand) – it’s unique formula allows it to be easily shaped and modelled into (almost) anything you can imagine! It’s reusable too – just pop it into a sealed container or zip lock bag and it will last for months (depending on how often it is used). The sand dries out very, very slowly (it does not use water), so there’s no need to add any water.

Moldable sand it also easy to clean up – it doesn’t stick to hands, clothes or hair. But, it does stick to itself!


  • Non toxic
  • Made from beach sand
  • Wheat, gluten & casein free

Great for:

  • Sensory play
  • Learning fine motor skills
  • Keeping your kids busy!

What’s in the box?

  • Two packs of sand (different colours)
  • 6 molds
  • Tools

Molds available:

Two different sets are available – one features building molds and the other transport molds. Please choose the type you would prefer from the drop down menu.


Made from natural sand combined with 2% dimethicone (a non toxic silicone derived product that is commonly found in face creams and other beauty products)

What’s the difference between moldable and mouldable?

These are different spellings for the same thing. You may see similar products sold as molding sand, modelling sand, magic sand as well as the most well known name – kinetic sand.

Cotton sand vs space sand

Some of the modeling kits we sell use space sand and others use cotton sand so we have included some details on the main differences below…

  • Cotton sand sticks to itself more strongly.
  • Cotton sand appears more stretchy if you pull it apart.
  • Cotton sand feels different when it is handled when compared to space sand.
  • Cotton sand is harder to mold into shapes (due to it sticking to itself so strongly).

Overall, we recommend space sand as the primary option for modeling. Whereas, cotton sand is a better option for tactile sensory play (it can still be used for modeling but it is not as effective).

To clarify, the product on this page uses space sand. See the shop for other kits that contain cotton sand.

Additional information

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Transport Molds, Building Molds